How to take a picture of the moon

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share with you the results of some experiments I did, namely I was trying to take a nice clear picture of the moon.

First of all, the moon is a bit further away than most other things you might want to photograph, owever it’s also pretty massive so it evens out a bit; At any rate, you will want to get a good zoom to photograph the moon.

At first I thought the longer the zoom I used the better, however I got the best results wuth my 28-300 which is not even that bright at 5.6f.

First things first, you need a tripod or at least a very sturdy surface on to which you can lean your camera to snap the picture, however let me warn you, you don’t realise how quick the moon moves through the sky until you try and photography it!

secondly, you might want to use a wired or wirelesser shutter (you can buy one for most dslr brands quite cheaply anywhere you buy camera equipment). This is necessary because even the slight vibration of clicking the shutter button can give you a blurry image, so it helps to have it remotely.

The moon is actually much brighter than you think so you wont have to open your lens all the way, this can actually help getting a clearer picture by setting a fast shutter speed and a decently closed aperture.

Finally I suggest taking a few pictures, you never know if they are in perfect focus so better be safe.

Thats it, it really isn’t that complicated, you just have to be very careful not to move the camera while taking the picture.
Here are some of my photographs

Luna Septiembre Low Res Luna Recortada low res Moon


See you later!



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