Shooting in Monochrome opens a whole new world of artistic possibilities

Monochrome captures the essence of the subject

When you are shooting black and white, the rules of photography change. Devoid of colour,a picture taken in monochrome will pull the viewer in, forcing him to see the lines, the expressions of the image. Without the distraction of colour, shapes and shadows take the stage.

When you see a picture that has bben taken in black and white you immediately see something different, the world is in colour so automatically this will catch your eye. Monochrome therefore is fantastic to enphasise shapes and shadows.

While younger people are usually the subjects of portrait photography, an older man with his wrinkles showing a lifetime of experiences and eyes that pierce into your soul, becomes much more powerful, suddenly you are forced to see these lines of expression, there is nothing else for you to look at.

I believe that black and white is an incredible medium and one of my personal favourites because it strips a picture to its bare necessities. If you have a poorly composed colour scene, sometimes the sheer amount of colour and visual stimuli might save it; not so with black and white.

A poorly taken black and white picture will be evident, mistakes will show. At the same time a well composed picture will gleam with energy, drawing the viewer’s attention and allowing it to connect with the subject in a more abstract manner.

Black and white can also make an otherwise uninteresting sight into a more appealing sight


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