London in Spring

After so many years I'm back

It had been more than 7 years since I last found myself in that busy metropolis that is London.

Truly a beautiful place, the energy that comes from the city itself is unbeatable, the metro rushing to get to its next stop, people in all manners of colorful or grey (there really wasn’t any other option, either full on colour or grey) clothes strolled through the sometimes old sometimes new facades of this cosmopolitan hub.

A true capital of the world

I was very excited to go back to the UK where I had done my GCSEs as well as a couple of my A levels, without mentioning the friendships whic I had formed during those years, whom I had neglected to visit ( to be fair most of them didn’t visit either, but we kept in contact).

What I love about London In particular is that is has something for everyone, whether you like art, plays, museums, musicals or perhaps you’re into fashion, maybe sports? whatever is your fancy you can find it in London.

A little coffee shop I found in the very high end neighbourhood of South Kensington. A nice and simple space amongst all the glamour surrounding it.

This kind of places are rare nowadays with the high rent prices and ever-strong pound, however if you look closely you are sure to find them.

As an interesting note, I used to live around that area, in a small basement loft with my cousin, just a 5 min walk from either South Kensington or Sloane Square stations.


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