Strange Sun Phenomenon Over Mexico City

Mexico Sun Rainbow
Mexico Sun Rainbow

I was working the other day when I got a text saying that I should look at the Sun, now dutifully I did and was surprised to see the Halo surrounding the Sun. Immediately I pulled my camera ready to snap, unfortunately I had a 70-300mm lens which only let me get about a quarter of the sun and Halo. I found a 24-70mm lens which was perfect although it was DX and on my D800 FX sensor it couldn’t cover the whole area; you can see the end of the lens in the corners.

Now this phenomenon is caused by Ice crystals on the atmosphere and the Sun being right on top of them. The picture as taken with an aperture of 8 at a speed of 1/4000 to get enough light from a direct exposure but not enough to wash out the image.


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