Exploring the ruins of Coba

A Prehispanic wonder

A civilization lost in time

Coba is the site of one of the largest archeological sites in southeast Mexico, not an easy feat considering there are more than 100 such places around.

Unlike Chichen itza, its more well known cousin ( I have covered Chichen itza in the past, here’s the link to c

heck it out), Coba is more natural. It has not been cleaned up as Chichen has, the vines grow over the pyramids and the whole site is covered in mos and overgrowth.

When you are photographing places like this where there are tourists everywhere, you need to be creative, you can’t just go to where everyone is and expect to have a good picture, most likely you will end up with a bunch of tourists in the frame, not a very interesting composition at all!

In this case what I tried to do was look for interesting angles, to try and frame my composition so it’s as devoid of tourists as posible. This also allows you to explore and find where the light falls best, which may not always be where most people stand.

Perhaps what makes Coba most unique among all the other ruins around is the fact that you can actually go up the stairs of the main pyramid and once you see the sheer expanse of the jungle and the site, you can truly begin to to understand a little better the expanse of this ancient civilization