Moving to Oxford!

Oxford City

A real life fairy tale

This year I will be living in Oxford, studying a masters degree at one of the oldest institutions in the world (older than the Aztec empire so there you go).

I am thrilled to be here not only for the academic opportunities but also the photography opportunities that this wonderful city promises.

To start with, my College is New College, and it’s breathtakingly gorgeous. I say this with no bias, it is widely considered one of the most beautiful colleges in Oxford.

Take a look


You know besides the striking beauty of the city, the history of it is quite fascinating.

you have very old pubs that date back to the 14th century or pubs where Tolkien and CS Lewis (thats Lord of the rings an Narnia) would sit and write like is the case with Eagle and child, also called Bird and baby.

Bird and Baby

As you can see this city has a certain appeal which I’m excited to exploit this year that is to come!

I will try and post more regular updates, hopefully once a week so stay tuned for more!

Ill leave you with a few more pictures of Oxford which I’m sure you’ll enjoy

Houses of Oxford
New College
Radcliffe Camera 2
Radcliffe camera